5 Futuristic Trash and Recycle Bin Designs

Sunday, May 28th, 2016 - Kitchen

1. Crevasse Prep Sink by Anne Kitzmiller

What can be better for your kitchen than a classic sink with a build in garbage disposal! This sophisticated sink-disposal system was created with help from Kohler.

2. Ovetto Recycling Bin

Eva Solo Bin has really great stainless steel design. It is a perfect example of simple, effective design. The lid balances on top of the bin without hinges, so it can open from any side. The rubber bag liner is easy to replace as well.

3. e-Bin

The e-Bin is an electronic recycling bin featuring touchscreen technology that “knows” when it’s full and tells you where the next nearest e-Bin is located. It also informs the recycling company to come empty it. It uses solar power to operate, and is made from tough, lightweight carbon fiber material, so it’s ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

4. Renew Recycling Bins

It is something usual for the streets of London, but we really wanted to give it a credit. These recycle bins have slots for paper waste and bottles/cans, and are made so well that they are even bomb-proof! Each of them also features large LCD screens for displaying local news, weather and subway status information.

5. Barcode Trashcan by Woo Seok Park

I really like this one. If you don’t know in which recycle bin your trash has to be thrown in, just swipe its barcode across the scanner and you will get the answer. This list was created for you by Jenny from waste removal company .

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